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Chicago Sustainable Backyards
Get dirty: Start composting with a kitchen bin. (Williams-Sonoma, $40)

Composting--saving food scraps and yard waste and letting it decompose in a heap for later use--is good for the planet. Plus, gardeners consider that pungent pile to be as valuable as black gold, since plants and flowers thrive on the stuff. ??

But if you actually hold your breath when tossing garbage bags into a dumpster, can you learn to live with your trash?

??Our fair city hopes so. ??

As part of the Chicago Sustainable Backyards program, you can learn where to get a bin, how to set it up, what goes inside and how to use the nutrient-rich organic material you?ll make at a free workshop on Thursday at the West Town library (6 to 7:30 p.m.). You?ll also learn how to get a rebate of up to $50 when you purchase a compost bin from a local store.

??To see the process in person, head to the Garfield Park Conservatory on Saturday mornings through the end of September for a ?Composters at Work? demonstration.

Ready to dig in? When you think about the 40 percent less waste you?ll be sending to landfills, it?s hard not to get on board.

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