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Glass Backwards
Last things first: garnishing the Bebida Rosada.

It’s Friday. Cocktail hour looms tantalizingly near. And we’ve stumbled on the random Internet video that seems made for this exact moment.

Purely for fun, Chicago-based creative director Jude Goergen recently launched Glass Backwards, a gorgeous website that shows off the mixology magic of some of the city’s top bartenders--in reverse.

Sounds strange (why backwards?) but the roughly two-minute videos on the site are oddly hypnotic.

Each begins with an image of a full cocktail glass. Then a pair of anonymous hands begins to shake, stir and blend. As catchy, precisely matched background music plays (Goergen provides handy links for downloading the songs) and the ingredients are removed one by one, you see exactly how the drink came to life.

At the end, the camera pans up and the bartender is revealed. 

In case you weren’t taking notes, a recipe page fills you in on the start-to-finish version of each recipe. So far, the pink Bebida Rosada made with tequila, simple syrup, mezcal and bitters--the creation of Scofflaw’s Griffin Elliot--is the easiest to replicate.

If you’re reading this and it’s past noon, then cheers. The weekend starts now.

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