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My Fit Foods
Breakfasts have a 5:1 egg-white-to-yolk ratio.

After a day of back-to-back meetings and a quickie workout, a carryout dinner is sometimes the only way we replenish. At least now we know the meal we?re popping in the microwave is healthy.

My Fit Foods sells heat-and-eat entrées in portion sizes tailored to different fitness goals, and the company?s first Chicago locations just opened in Lincoln Park and Lakeview.

The meals come in small, medium and large sizes, and nutrition facts are front and center. Opting for one of its entrées over your go-to pad Thai is an easy way to keep your sugar and sodium intake in check.

Small meals contain about 3 ounces of protein, sufficient for most women. But upgrade to a medium or large (5 or 7 ounces of protein) if you?re training for a triathlon--or if you?re extra hungry. (Most meals are gluten-free. If you don?t use a microwave, warm them on the stove.)

We tried the spicy Good Morning Sunshine breakfast with turkey and eggs ($5.50), which left us hungry--but not ravenous--for a lunch of tender Hawaiian chicken over rice with oranges ($7.50). For dinner: low-carb chicken nuggets with crisp carrots and broccoli ($7.50). ?

It was a guilt-free day we barely had to think about. ??

My Fit Foods, 157 W. North Ave. and 3701 N. Halsted Ave.;

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