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Chicago Design Museum
The Chicago Design Museum exhibit at the new Pop-Up Art Loop space.

We love things that aren?t what they seem. Who hasn?t spent more than a few minutes standing in some mall ?art? shop, trying to decipher the mystery behind an M.C. Escher image? (Um, guilty.)

Pop-Up Art Loop is an ingenious idea that turns vacant storefronts into public galleries, studios and exhibit spaces. A party tomorrow night will debut the program?s largest undertaking yet, a 17,000-square-foot gallery on the third floor of Block 37. ?

The Chicago Design Museum is curating the gallery?s five opening exhibits. The one that?s really catching our eye is ?Re/View,? an exploration of optical illusions that is by turns dizzying and subtle.

You can?t miss ?Re/View?: Just look for the huge, 14-foot-wide wall installation by Eddie Opara of Pentagram that uses folded pieces of paper to represent stealth planes. (Stand close to see one design; step back to find another.) Also watch for an ambigram--a word that can be rotated and still read as a word--by local artist Matthew Hoffman, whose piece is titled Fresh Start/Start Fresh.

Go during lunch or pop in before post-work cocktails--just leave enough time to look beneath the surface.
Chicago Design Museum at Pop-Up Art Loop, 108 N. State St., 3rd fl.;

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