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Fragrance is so personal. Wouldn’t you rather someone catch a whiff of you and think, “Where in the world did she find that fabulous scent?” over “Isn’t that the Taylor Swift I got spritzed with at the beauty counter last weekend?”

Chicago entrepreneur Tara Swords was on a mission to break the big-brand, celeb-endorsed-fragrance cycle and showcase truly unique finds when she founded her new company, Olfactif.

For $18 a month, the web-based service sends three samples of niche, artisan-produced fragrances--neatly packaged in an elegant box--to your doorstep. Each vial lasts for about eight wearings and comes with notes about the scent’s origins. When you find one that smells like “you,” order a full bottle (between $75 and $145) and that month’s $18 subscription fee will be refunded.

Delving into the launch collection--three little glass vials elegantly packaged in a black velvet box--instantly put us in a romantic spring mood. We’ll be pairing sundresses and flats with a spritz of the headily floral Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan Parfumeur--and reminding no one of a Kardashian sister while we’re at it.

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