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Sure, you love growing basil in a pot on the porch. But how about taking your herb-growing skills up a notch with a year-round garden that hangs on the wall as living, great-smelling art?

The framed cedar herb boxes we?re in love with are the creation of Chicago landscaper Kaisa Dille, who specializes in solutions for small urban spaces like rooftops, decks and container gardens.

While brainstorming ways to integrate more edibles into her designs, Dille hit on the idea for an herb box that goes on the wall with one simple nail. Hang it in a sunny spot in your kitchen--ours is going next to the sink--and fill it with the herbs you eat most. (Rosemary, mint and sage are on our wish list.) Watering is a cinch: lay the box on the counter, water, rehang.

Dille?s boxes are made to order (email her at to get yours) and cost between $28 and $68 depending on size.

Not the type to nurture living plants--or cook, for that matter? Ask for one of her charming bud vases instead.

Green thumbs, this garden will keep you happy all year.

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