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Tapestry of Fourtnes
Elizabeth Berg photo by Curt Richter.

Each time we pick up a new book by Oak Park-based Elizabeth Berg, it hits us yet again: This is an author who writes how women really think.

Berg?s latest tome, Tapestry of Fortunes, hits bookstores today, and we?ve instantly promoted it to the top of our nightstand stack.

Tapestry?s Cecilia Ross is a smart, introspective heroine--an accomplished Midwestern woman with the guts to make the kind of change you daydream about when the going gets tough. She?s a professional self-help guru, but she?s not above letting a deck of tarot cards have its say in her life.

After the death of a friend, Cece feels lonely and depressed and decides to simplify. She unloads her big house in St. Paul in order to move in with three roommates, all strangers.

Apart, Cece and her new pals are as different as can be. But together, they?re a collection of restless souls who unite over an unforgettable road trip--complete with a stop to see Cece?s One Who Got Away. 

Friendship, the open road and an old flame? If this story hits Hollywood, it has Diane Lane written all over it.

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