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There are times in life when it feels necessary to take stock: say, when you?re considering a move, just out of a relationship, pondering a career change or recovering from a mental breakdown in the ladies? room at Sears.

You could pick up a self-help book. Or you could let a group of strangers give you a proverbial shot in the arm during a ?Life of Yes? retreat.

Spearheaded by Chicago woman Saya Hillman--who has been featured on and recently gave a Tedx talk on the topic--the retreats gather like-minded adults for weekend excursions to leafy, secluded settings (usually in Michigan), where they take part in activities meant to foster rediscovery of their own positive attributes.

The next retreat is set for early August, and the application deadline for the ten spots is May 10. Hillman says the final group--none of whom will have previously met one another--will have diverse backgrounds and needs but share a common goal of achieving the ?yes way of life.? (The cost of $375 a person includes lodging, transportation, food, materials and activities.)

Maybe you?ll meet someone extraordinary, or maybe you?ll hit on your next great idea. Either way, you?ll be ready to say ?no? to another meltdown and ?yes? to taking a rewarding risk.

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