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Madison & Rayne
Madison & Rayne's harissa-rubbed Amish chicken.

We never could have tied up a steak roulade as expertly as the folks from the new meal-delivery service Madison & Rayne. Nor could we have trimmed our green beans so flawlessly, or made our onion jam so sweet.

But Madison & Rayne--with the former chef de cuisine of the shuttered Wicker Park restaurant Spring behind its sophisticated fare--won’t let you totally off the hook: You still do the cooking.

The meals arrive fully prepped (veggies precut, sauces premixed, etc.) in insulated tote bags with recipes tucked into the front pocket. It’s just up to you to bring them to the table.

The mushroom-and-Parmesan-stuffed flank steak is on the “always” menu; options on the current “seasonal” menu include olive-oil-poached cod and harissa-rubbed Amish chicken. In 30 minutes, you can easily serve up a dinner-party-worthy feast. (We only wish the steak included a suggested meat temperature, since our oven cooks slower than most.)

Meals are priced by the serving (they feed between two and eight people), and at $18 a person, our dinner cost about what it would have from Whole Foods. We didn’t have to chop veggies or search for twine--but we still got to play top chef.

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