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Young Rahm, Ari and Zeke with their father, Benjamin. Courtesy of Ezekiel Emanuel.

Our mayor may be the most famous Emanuel brother, and Ari (the basis for the curse-spewing character of the same name on Entourage) runs a close second. But it’s the family’s oldest brother, Ezekiel (“Zeke”), who might be the smartest of the bunch--he’s an oncologist, a professor and a New York Times op-ed columnist.

Now Zeke Emanuel can add another title to his impressive résumé: author. His buzzed-about new memoir, Brothers Emanuel, hits bookstores today, and it serves up the true story of the brothers’ young lives in Chicago with their parents (a doctor and a homemaker) and grandmother.

The book traces all of the family’s big moves, from their first apartment on Broadway to their later North Shore digs--even Rahm’s spin as a would-be ballet star.

Ever wondered how Rahm got hooked on politics, Ari developed his assertive personality or Zeke became such a do-gooder? Brothers Emanuel offers insight on all these topics, plus plenty of healthy bickering to only endear you further.

You might even pick up some secrets to Emanuel-style success. If anyone ever mastered the art of “leaning in,” it’s these three.

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