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Detail of a sculpture by Chicago artist Allison Svoboda, available on ArtBarcs.

Never has the world been more tailored to, well, everyone. From books to movies to music, you need only click on what you like to find more that might interest you.

Now ArtBarcs does the same for art. The new website is run by husband-and-wife entrepreneurs Russ Rosenzweig and Lucy Liu, who live in the Florsheim mansion in the Gold Coast (the house was listed for sale last week). They hosted an artists’ residency program in their coach house (fab, we know), and regularly introducing friends to up-and-coming painters inspired them to bring the art to an even larger audience. 

The pair designed a concept that works like Pandora for paintings: Sign up for ArtBarcs and click the red hearts over artworks you love, then see suggestions in a similar realm. (You can also hide the stuff you’d never dream of hanging on your walls.)

Liu and Rosenzweig spent three years tracking down 700 artists from around the world to showcase on the site, and prices for the works start at less than $1,000--limited-edition prints are sometimes available for as little as $250.

To find Chicago artists on the site, simply type “purewow” in the search box and check out available paintings by locals like Chuck Walker, Roland Oria and Allison Svoboda.

If you’re not already a collector, here’s an excuse to start.

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