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Newspapers must continually evolve to compete in the digital era, and we like to see our hometown papers keeping up with the tide.

Case in point: The Chicago Tribune recently partnered with Evanston-based publisher Agate to release a series of e-books created from the newspaper?s vast story archives. With subjects ranging from Grant Achatz to Al Capone, reading our Kindles on the train to work just got a lot more local.

With plans to offer 50 books by the end of the year, the Chicago Tribune E-book Collection currently consists of 19 titles, among them The Best of Mary Schmich, a selection of the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist?s favorite pieces, and The Rise of Rahm, which chronicles the ascent of the political powerhouse. Still mourning the closing of Charlie Trotter?s? We especially loved going behind the scenes with a detailed history of the foodie haven that made our city a culinary destination.

The e-books are a real value at $5 each. Pair that with the Trib?s other recent launch--its $15-a-month digital membership program offering premium ?plus? news content, unlimited e-book downloads and access to a digital replica of each day's paper--and you've got a truly 21st-century rag.

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