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We?ve always had a bit of a crush on Katrina Markoff, the Chicago chocolatier who founded Vosges Haut-Chocolat, taught us to equate sweets with adventure and prettily packages it all in a way that never fails to put us in the mood for more.

Earlier this year Markoff created a little-sister spin-off called Wild Ophelia. While Vosges aims to send chocolate lovers on a trip around the world with exotic flavors named after destinations like Oaxaca and Barcelona, Wild Ophelia goes on an American road trip with bars like the Southern Hibiscus Peach and the New Orleans Chili.

This month, Wild Ophelia launched two new flavors: a crunchy yet chewy dark-chocolate number with vanilla, honey, almonds and currants called Mount Sequoia Granola, and the spicy, salty Smokehouse BBQ Potato Chips (that?s still a chocolate bar we?re talking about). 

At about $5, Wild Ophelia bars (look for them at Whole Foods) are less expensive than Vosges by a few dollars each. But we tried every flavor--oh yes, we did--and declare with sweet certainty that the satisfaction level remains intact.

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