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If stacking unopened mail in attractive piles all over our desks counts as being organized, then we don’t need Neat Method, a new-to-Chicago business that aims to help get people’s homes and offices in order.

Owners Ashley Murphy and Molly Graves are both Chicagoans, but they became friends and began offering their organizational skills while living in San Francisco. Murphy recently moved back to the Windy City and brought the concept with her.

For $75 an hour, Neat Method will create an easy-to-sustain, customized organization system--finding a place for every important item, tossing out needless clutter, arranging shelves, closets, drawers and more--for any room in your home, from the attic to the mudroom. If you’re moving into a new apartment, house or office, services also include managing logistics, supervising movers, unpacking and setting up your new place.

Giving a friend a few hours with Neat Method is an inspired idea for a housewarming gift or new baby present--or maybe just a treat for yourself during those times when it seems you’ll never see the end of the clutter.

You know what they say: A clean house is a happy house.

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