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Crosby's dairy- and gluten-free carrot-cake cupcakes.

Chicagoan Heather Crosby makes a strong case for her plant-based lifestyle. Trim, blonde and glowing, she looks like the picture of vegan health.

But making the switch was something even Crosby--now a recipe developer and nutrition coach--wishes she’d had some help with, which prompted her to create a website devoted to the practice, YumUniverse.

Unlike bloggers who test recipes and post the results for all to see, Crosby has been steering her site toward profitability by offering free recipes but charging for resources like e-books with titles ranging from Dairy Freedom to Treats (a tome on gluten- and dairy-free desserts).

This week, YumUniverse launched a lifetime membership that includes every e-book in the YU library plus access to its community of herbivores and three months’ worth of meal plans illustrated with step-by-step photography. (Normally $300; enter code YUPW100 for a $200 special for PureWow readers that runs through the end of September.)

From oat-and-almond-crunch pancakes for breakfast to black-bean sliders for dinner, the meal plans and their corresponding shopping lists don't miss a beat in their mission to make you a pro vegan cook. And scrapbookers take note: Crosby designed the materials to be printed and filed in binders.

Sounds like a trip down the back-to-school aisle is in order. 

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