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Add to the list of things we want not because they?re going to change our lives, but just because they?re pretty: JackGems.

Dreamed up by Chicago jewelry designer Kirsten Goede, these sparkly plug-ins serve no purpose other than to bejewel your phone or laptop. For us, that?s enough--and talk about a way to get noticed at the coffee shop.

JackGems ($26 each; shipping is free) plug into the headphone jack of your device and come in 11 colors of Swarovski crystals, including a patriotic red, white and blue version that injects a little fun into election-season mania. (We opted for the nonpartisan ?frost? color, which throws out a rainbow of reflections and looks great on a silver laptop.)

Producing these mini disco balls isn?t the only thing Geode is cooking up for fall; she also has a new collection for her line Objets d?Envy that?s all about minimalism versus making a statement ($48 to $305, available online starting tomorrow).

As part of this week?s Fashion?s Night Out festivities, Geode will show off her latest baubles during a pop-up event at Province restaurant on Thursday night.

If you go, look for us --we?ll be the ones sneaking peeks at our texts on our blinged-out phones.

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