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When you possess a green thumb but, alas, live an urban existence with no place to use it, your options are few: Volunteer at a city park, buy a country house or--the simplest of all--get creative with your city perch.

Joanne Greene, an appropriately named Chicago landscaper, can help you get started. Her company, On the Ledge, is one of the few to focus on artistic planters and window boxes in Chicago. (Services also include rooftop gardens, holiday installations and children’s gardens.)

Even if a small balcony or back stairwell is your only outlet for landscaping, On the Ledge will outfit you with the right planter or box for your amount of space and sunlight. You can even pick your own container, and once it’s installed, Greene and her team will teach you exactly how to keep it alive and lush. (Prices start at $100; if something goes wrong with the plants, On the Ledge will replace them gratis.)

Greene’s favorite window-box look of the moment: a low-maintenance tropical design she recently created that uses electric colors and even pineapple plants.

Sounds like a bit of paradise--even if it hangs on your fire escape.

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