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Congratulations are nice, and a pat on the back is even better. But when someone you love has scored one of life's major home runs--or claimed some smaller, sweeter victory--nothing says "you're a winner!" to a grown adult like a personalized trophy.

I Am Home, a Cicero-based design studio and creative partnership between artists Sarah and Joseph Belknap, has just launched a line of cheeky handmade trophies that double as tchotchkes worthy of display in our post-Little-League abodes.

The "Trophies You Deserve" are one-of-a-kind items fashioned from reclaimed wood, poured plastic and parts of vintage and new trophies. Priced between $38 and $72, they come with pre-engraved plates ("I Love You Mom 4 Eva," "Best Dad in the World," "You Make Me Swoon") or customized phrases for an additional $8.

Andersonville's the Haymaker Shop has trophies in stock, and in addition to selling on their website, the Belknaps welcome in-person visitors to their studio by appointment.

Now all we need is a reason to order. A certain "Best-Dressed Sister!" who would appreciate the recognition comes to mind.

I Am Home trophies at the Haymaker Shop, 5507 N. Clark St.; 773-681-0798 or

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