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Our lives are so action-packed, it's hard to remember to slow down. Now we?re trying a form of yoga that promises to help us see the forest for the trees.

Forrest Yoga--developed by Ana Forrest, a yoga and emotional-healing pioneer who published a book about her health journey last year--is still relatively under the radar in Chicago, with a small but loyal following that?s growing.

When we heard Forrest is designed for Western bodies--which typically have more carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain and digestive problems--we figured we were ideal candidates for this physically intense workout that?s known for long-held positions and lots of core work.

Turbodog Yoga, a West Loop studio run by husband-and-wife duo Steve Emmerman and Talya Ring, teaches a variation of Forrest that incorporates Native American spiritual teachings and energy work. In his two-hour class, Emmerman led us through standard poses like the warrior--but rather than straining our computer-stressed necks and fingers, we were coached to loosen them, and Emmerman made subtle adjustments to help us relax our limbs and hold poses for superhuman amounts of time.

Turbodog is singularly Forrest-focused, and the practice is also creeping into Chicago?s more mainstream studios. At the Gold Coast?s Yoga Now and Lakeview's Yoga Boutique, you can sweat out your weekend toxins and hold poses for much longer than you would in Ashtanga or Bikram.

We?re still sore, and surprisingly happy about it.

Turbodog Yoga, 327 N. Bell Ave.; 773-278-0877 or
Yoga Now, 742 N. LaSalle St.; 312-280-9642 or
Yoga Boutique, 655 W. Irving Park Rd.; 773-248-0685 or

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