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Since Pilsen-based JuiceRx launched last summer, the company has won over loyal fans for being the only completely organic local cleanse in Chicago made with ingredients that are all unpasteurized, fresh and vegan. Delivery is free, and, most important, the juices taste good.

With new flavors being rolled out this week, we visited the company's website and ordered the most popular cleanse: three days for $210.

The JuiceRx delivery Prius rolled up to our door with three cartons of prettily packaged drinks in tow; we started sipping the next morning. The latest seasonal flavor, peaches-and-cream cashew milk, was our favorite--thick and creamy with a crunch that made us feel we hadn't forsaken all solid food. (This week's other introduction--an amped-up take on V8 that's packed with tomato, red pepper, carrot, zucchini and more and dubbed the V-12--is sold individually for $10.95.)

Drinking 18 bottles over 3 days added up to what felt like a marathon of fluids, but we enjoyed the flavors: spicy lemonade to boost metabolism in the morning, a sweetly refreshing beet-based lunchtime blend and an "evening green" with cucumber, celery, kale and more that tastes as fresh as a spring garden.

By night three, we felt refreshed, de-bloated and content in the knowledge that we'd treated ourselves to a cornucopia of nutrients blended just a few miles from home--that's as good as liquid gold.

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