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From the Tribune's new book section to bars inspired by Hemingway, our city is in the midst of a literary revival--and we're loving it.

While magazines and newspapers around the country keep slashing word counts in an effort to appease the ever-shortening American attention span, local dreamer JC Gabel has launched a new publication, The Chicagoan, that proves a long story is still worth cozying up with.

The gorgeous biannual journal--at $20 a copy, meant more for the bookshelf than the recycling bin--is full of intriguing headlines like "Enemies, A Love Story (The Oral History of Siskel and Ebert)" and "Re-imagining the Gem on the Prairie," an interview with the architect Jeanne Gang.

The Chicagoan is a nonprofit and therefore free of ads, and it's sold in local bookstores and a few unexpected places like the restaurant the Publican. During a ticketed event organized by the Salon Series and held in a spectacular Gold Coast residence on April 5, Gabel will outline his literary vision for the city and talk with Salon host JC Steinbrunner and guests over a dinner by X-marx inspired by stories in the premier issue.

We're all ears--it's time to turn the page.

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