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You're pedaling through scenic British Columbia, pumping your legs as hard as you can and leaning hard into every bend in the country road--sure, it's a long way from your actual location in a River North cycling studio, but it's an almost-believable fantasy when you're at Real Ryder Revolution.

Real Ryder Revolution (R3) is the first studio in Chicago to use bikes that lean laterally from side to side, giving the rider a more realistic approximation of the outdoor cycling experience and promising more of a full-body workout. Combine that with big-screen videos of the aforementioned countryside and other far-flung locales and suddenly class ($20 a 60-minute session; $185 for 10) is flying by much faster.

We found it takes a few minutes to get used to the wobble effect, but by the end of the class, we were dropping our inside elbows with the best of them and getting into the feel of cruising around turns rather than the usual dead-ahead approach of traditional stationary bikes.

It's the biggest thing to happen to a gym staple since treadmills got inclines, and we left with just one question: Why didn't someone think of this before?

Real Ryder Revolution, 108 W. Hubbard St.; 312-587-7933 or

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