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Hubbard Street Dance
Hubbard Street dancers in Sharon Eyal's "Too Beaucoup." Photo by Todd Rosenberg.

When we're in the audience at a Hubbard Street Dance Chicago performance, we tend to lose ourselves in two trains of thought: How do they do it? we wonder as the dancers dart, bound and seemingly fly across the stage. What does it feel like? is our second question, and while we doubt we'll find out anytime soon, it does cause us to step a little lighter on our way home that night.

During its spring series this week at the Harris Theater, Hubbard Street brings back Israeli choreographer Sharon Eyal's work Too Beaucoup, which was created for the company last spring and wowed audiences upon its premiere (a "merciless marathon of split-second timing," said the Tribune). The 40-minute piece, whose title means "too, too much," uses precise, robotic movements to convey the look of a 3-D video and is set to a poppy soundtrack of Depeche Mode, Cole Porter and Vicious Pink.

Also in the lineup is the premiere of resident choreographer Alejandro Cerrudo's Little Mortal Jump and Alonzo King's Following the Subtle Current Upstream, a work that addresses the currents in the body as a path to liberation.

Liberated, indeed: It's the feeling that comes with watching the gloriously free bodies of the Hubbard Street dancers in motion.

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago at the Harris Theater, 205 E. Randolph Dr.; 312-850-9744 or

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