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You love buying specialty foods from local artisans, but sitting in traffic to pick up handmade pasta in River West and then trekking north to Portage Park for fresh scallops? Not so much.

An Israel-based company called Artizone, which recently introduced its services to the U.S. in Chicago and Dallas, aims to bring hometown purveyors even closer to their customers.

The concept is similar to that of Peapod, the popular online grocery that brings anything you'd find at a Jewel or Dominick's straight to your doorstep. But the "arti" in Artizone refers to the all-artisan selection found on the company's website, which currently includes such well-loved local gems as Pasta Puttana, Rare Bird Preserves and Hagen's Fish Market. Ordering is a clean and well-designed process, and at checkout, Artizone calculates how many miles and how much time you saved by not visiting each shop in person.

Artizone's delivery area covers the city and many suburbs, and delivery is free for orders over $120. For smaller orders, the fee structure depends on how fast you want it: $6.99 when you order several days in advance; $12.99 for "spontaneous" orders.

Beef brisket from Gepperth's and organic produce from Green Grocer Chicago all in the same shopping cart? We knew there was a reason we're so addicted to online shopping.

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