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Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer parka
There's no turning back: It's cold out.

Our first winter in Chicago, we said we?d never walk around in a wearable sleeping bag--we mean a down puffer coat.

But it?s freezing here. Have you heard? By our second winter we were crossing State Street in our own feathery cocoon.

This season we?ve tracked down a cuter--but still superwarm--take on the Michelin Man look: the Ghost Whisperer parka from outdoor gear brand Mountain Hardware. Here?s why it?s so great.

Travels Light Down coats are all about fill power, or volume of feathers per cubic inch. Our bulky (but still serviceable) old coat had 550 fill power, and putting it on was like a slippery wrestling match. This one has 850 fill power--even warmer--yet it?s eerily weightless and flat as a pancake.

Nice Lines The strategic quilting on this coat gives us a waist. Its raglan sleeves--sewn on a diagonal--let arms move easily, and it?s long enough to cover a perpetually freezing rear.

Draft Free When we?re zipped into the close-fitting Ghost Whisperer with the hood up, we feel like we can take on anything. Even the insanely windy corner of Oak Street and Michigan Avenue.

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