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Little Goat Bakery
Let's make Wookie.

Ever since she did us proud on Top Chef, we’ve suspected Stephanie Izard would be fun to hang out with. There’s that big laugh, the healthy respect for butter--plus, the woman had chocolate-covered Cheez-Its on her wedding cake, for Pete’s sake.

And now that she’s put Wookie pies--you know, chocolate cream sandwiched between two chocolate cakes--on the menu at her West Loop spot Little Goat Bakery, we know for sure we’re kindred spirits.

The Wookie pies ($2.50 each) look and taste like something you would have begged for as a kid: absurdly big and messy, supremely chocolaty, fluffy and gooey all at once.

And they aren’t even the craziest thing on Izard’s playful new lineup! There’s also Fat Elvis banana cake with bacon buttercream and peanut butter crunch, and peppermint Swiss sponge-cake rolls for the holidays.

Craving something homier? Try Little Goat’s chewy s’mores cookie, a flaky-crusted peanut-butter-and-jelly mini pie (it looks like a Pop-Tart, people) or--yep--a slice of Cheez-It cake like the one served on Izard’s big day.

Little Goat Bakery, 820 W. Randolph St.; 312-888-3455 or

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