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A Flavour sweet fix: Pierrot Gourmet.

Yelp: Is it a valuable resource for finding the spiciest Thai food? Or a black hole of revenge posts written by illiterate haters?

For a less-cluttered approach to picking a restaurant tonight, download Flavour, an elegant, new-to-Chicago search app.

Start by selecting a neighborhood and type of cuisine, then pick restaurant features to hammer down your list further--think ?BYOB,? ?dine at the bar,? ?Michelin? or ?rooftop.???

You?ll then see a list of easily swipable results, all based on recommendations from professional restaurant critics, popular bloggers and industry experts--aka people whose opinions actually count.

Most of the 382 restaurants in Flavour?s database are higher-end joints, but you can still discover a hole-in-the-wall Korean spot or an old-school Scandinavian bistro.
While test-driving the app, we kept landing on places we were either happy to be reminded of or have been meaning to try for years: Yoshi?s Café in Lakeview, Pierrot Gourmet in the Gold Coast, Mott Street in Bucktown.

The equivalent of a culinary aha moment.

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