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High and dry? Never.

It’s the night of your annual “Latkes and Yule Logs” soiree. There are ten people yukking it up in your kitchen, and due to a serious miscalculation on your part, you’re already down to two bottles of wine.

That’s NBD if you use Minibar, the new-to-Chicago app that brings backup supplies--aka liquor, wine, beer, mixers and even bags of ice--to your doorstep in less than an hour.

Download the app and enter your address and payment info, then select what you need stat. 

A nearby liquor shop will fulfill the order and deliver it to your doorstep in as little as 20 minutes--though the time was closer to an hour during our bourbon-and-ginger-fueled test-drive. Prices are the same as you’d pay in-store, and there’s no delivery fee (just remember to tip the driver).

Not sure how much rye you need to mix Manhattans for 12? Use Minibar’s party-planning calculator, which tells you how many bottles to buy based on factors like the number of guests and the time of day you’re hosting. 

Cheers to technology.

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