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The news is in: Your sister got promoted/found out it’s a boy/scored free Bears tickets! Now, which emoji best conveys your feelings on the matter? (Definitely a smiley face with hearts for eyes.)

Yep, we love emojis. And now a new exhibit at Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery in Fulton Market is devoted to them. (Plus a few digital drawings and a 3-D-printed sculpture.)

Brooklyn-based artist Carla Gannis has taken one of her favorite ancient paintings--Hieronymus Bosch’s famous The Garden of Earthly Delights (1500-1505)--and created a contemporary version in the exact same seven-by-thirteen-foot size as the original. 

The twist? Gannis took the face of every single figure and replaced it with her own set of jolly emojis.

The result is fun to look at, but it’s also a commentary on communication in the digital age. After all, a row of smiley faces is cute--but can we still relate to one another on a human level?

Here’s hoping. (Insert sad face.)

Through November 15 at Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery, 215 N. Aberdeen St.; 312-944-0408 or

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