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Wait, who ordered the lobster?

You know that carefree feeling you have when you step out of an Uber without ever digging for your wallet? The same easy-pay idea is now taking the torture out of dining out.
Dash is a new-to-Chicago app that connects with participating restaurants? computer systems to make ordering and paying for food simpler. (See the nearly 30 spots already on board here, including Rockit, Table Fifty-Two and the burger madness that is Kuma?s Too.)
Especially after downing a huge feast, it can be painful to wait for a server to deliver the check, take your credit card and yada yada yada. Dash securely stores credit card info, so you can click ?pay? and head out whenever you?re ready.

You can also tip without doing the math using preselected percentages, and--the best part--easily split the bill with friends, minus all the awkward table math.

That way, you don?t end up buying a sirloin when you ate only a salad.

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