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Baker Miller
These aren't your grandma's grits.

We’re used to things tasting a certain way. Cinnamon rolls should be sticky-sweet and dripping with bright white icing. Grits are supposed to be rich and creamy, with butter to mask the blandness.

That’s not how things are done at Baker Miller, a new Lincoln Square bakery (courtesy of the Bang Bang Pie Shop team) that takes the artisanal food movement to new heights by--wait for it--milling its own organic grains.

The stone-grinding happens right there in the shop on Monday mornings, and it’s a noisy process--probably not the best time to show up with your laptop.

We went on a quieter recent weekday morning to see what a local angle will do for old-fashioned grits. Turns out, Baker Miller's are browner and grainier than the Southern staple you might know. Plus, they come with a soft-boiled egg, a little pile of shredded greens and a tender preserved tomato ($8).

We also tried a cinnamon roll, which was cakey and dense (it’s made with sourdough) with oatmeal-colored icing. 

Want to bring some ingredients home? You can buy one-pound bags ($5) of Baker Miller’s flaked oats, stone-ground wheat flour and gritty grits to go. We won’t tell if your eggs come from Whole Foods.

Baker Miller Bakery & Millhouse, 4610 N. Western Ave.;

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