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Doing your own laundry is for the dogs.

You’re late for work, you’re rummaging for that last pair of clean socks and--oops! You wore them yesterday. They’re still okay, right? It was just for a few hours. And they smell, well, kinda fine. 

Never wear questionable socks again after you download Washio, a new-to-Chicago app that lets you outsource your laundry and dry cleaning without schlepping all over town.

First, sign up for an account by entering your address and credit card info. Then, pick a 30-minute window between 7:30 and 11 a.m. when you want a friendly laundry “ninja” to show up at your door. Hand over your clothes, then go about your day. 

Once your stuff is washed, pressed, folded and carefully stowed in reusable laundry bags--between 24 and 36 hours later--you’ll select a time for evening drop-off. Your only job after that? Returning those yoga pants to their rightful drawer.

For a reasonable $1.60 per pound with a $20 minimum order (estimate your cost here), we’ll gladly pay to check “laundry” off our to-do list.

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