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Mixed Co. Salon
Bet she does her own blowouts.

How hard could it be to give yourself a decent blowout? Point dryer at head. Wield brush. Yet you always end up with a weird cowlick near your left temple.

Now you can master better skills by attending Blowout Boot Camp at Mixed Co. Salon in River North.

Bring your own dryer, brushes and styling products--you’ll learn to work with your home arsenal, not just the fancy salon stuff.

Your stylist will wash your hair and hand you a glass of wine before you get down to business in front of a mirror. She’ll demonstrate steps on one side of your head, then watch and make adjustments as you copy her work on the other side.

Three revolutionary things we learned:

1. To get body, work in sections, using a stash of ugly alligator clips like these.

2. Don’t start with soaking-wet hair. Save yourself 70 percent of the effort by casually quick-drying the ends first--move the dryer around and fluff with your fingers.

3. Break up with your straightener and curling iron. You, your dryer and a good boar’s-hair-and-nylon-bristle brush are the dream team.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6 to 7:30 p.m.; $45 a student; 223 W. Erie St.; 312-929-2627 or

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