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Terminal Getaway
Somebody's gonna need a mani-pedi.

You sweated bullets in the back of that Uber. You made it to O’Hare only to get stuck in security behind the guy with the stinkiest feet ever. You finally found your gate and--whaaat?--your flight is suddenly delayed two hours.

Embrace the insanity, because now you can recharge at one of the three Terminal Getaway spas that recently opened at our city’s largest airport. (Look for them in Terminal 3 near gate H1, Terminal 1 near gate B12 and the H/K corridor near American’s Admirals Club.)

The chain is the brainchild of Chicago-based entrepreneur Marko Iglendza, who geared the spas toward travelers in a hurry--or not. 

Most services on Terminal Getaway’s menu come in quick and standard versions: You can get a “Last Minute” mani ($25) in 20 minutes flat, or opt for a “Time on Your Hands” deluxe version ($45) that takes 35. Hop in the massage chair for a speedy 10-minute rubdown ($19) or head to a private treatment room for a 90-minute “Bod Voyage” deep tissue massage ($195).

You’ll be so blissed out, you won’t bat an eyelash if someone sneaks a Knee Defender onto the plane.

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