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Operation: Startup
An easier way to hang your sign.

You?re successful at work. You get promoted. Your cubicle is nice. But someone else is your boss, and you?ve been dreaming about opening your own floral studio/genius delivery service/graphic design firm for years.

Enter Operation: Startup, a new company that combines the business know-how of three Chicago women--a right-brain banker, a creative PR whiz and a manufacturing and retail pro--to help you successfully launch your venture.

You have to be serious to plunk down $15k for Operation: Startup?s all-inclusive kit. But the fee is billed in two installments, so you don?t need the full amount up front.??

Plus, the sheer scope of the package is reassuring: You?ll get project management with a leader who keeps you on track using Basecamp software; a DIY business plan program for developing a model and financial projections; assistance with branding, messaging and logo development; legal entity execution; website design; and QuickBooks setup. (This will all take about four months, on average.)

Think of it like this: You?re Maverick. Operation: Startup is your Goose.

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