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Edgewater Workbench
Slice and dice: learn laser cutting in Edgewater.

In a decade or so, 2014 is going to be to 3-D printers what 1984 was to cell phones: We’ll laugh at how bulky and expensive they were.

But for right now, 3-D printing is still a pretty cool technology--one that many folks are eager to try. The place to do it? Edgewater Workbench, a new North Side community center for tech-geek wannabes.

Sign up for a two-hour intro class at the storefront space and you’ll learn the history, current applications and basics of 3-D printing--plus, you’ll get to make a cute little creature that you can take home to show off to your friends. (Two-hour sessions are $35.)

Next, move on to laser cutting, where you’ll learn how to precision-cut intricate designs. (Check out some of the beautiful things fashion and product designers are currently using the technology for.)

Just wanna hang out with creative people all day? Edgewater Workbench also has coffee, free Wi-Fi and big, collaborative workstations--rent one for $8 a day or $150 a month (includes locked storage to cut down on schlepping).

This is where you’ll hatch your next great idea.

Edgewater Workbench, 1130 W. Thorndale Ave.; 773-944-0650 or

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