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Johnny Automobile
What? We totally paused.

After three minor fender benders in three weeks--and no, we weren?t texting--we knew our significant other was either going to leave us or make fun of us for the next 15 years.

We figured the damage was less than our $500 deductible, and we didn?t want to fess up again.

After a tiny bit of online research, we came across Johnny Mobile Auto Body Work of Chicago, a service that will come to your home or office and fix your car in a few hours. (In our case, a bumper was dented and mysteriously marked with cab-colored yellow paint.)

We called Johnny, texted him a few photos of our car and agreed to his quote. Four hours later, he was at our house getting to work.

In two more hours, the car was back to normal. The price? We paid $270 cash, but Johnny also takes checks. He even came back the next day to make sure everything looked good, which it did.

It?ll be our little secret.

Johnny Mobile Auto Body Work; 773-596-1918 or

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