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File under Things We Wish Weren’t Flat: The state of Illinois. The current season of The Bachelorette. The vodka and soda we ordered at happy hour last night. 

There’s a fix for that last one at the fun new retro-themed bar Henry’s Swing Club in River North. 

Forget craft beer. The thing to order on tap at Henry’s is one of the five force-carbonated cocktails on the menu. (Two more are carbonated, then bottled.)

Michael Rubel--the mixologist responsible for Violet Hour, Big Star and Billy Sunday--makes his fizzy concoctions in five-gallon kegs, then pumps CO2 into them.

The result: Effervescent drinks that are incredibly refreshing on a steamy July day.

Craving something sweet? Order the Swingin’ Doors ($9), made with Old Grand-Dad bourbon, grapefruit juice and ginger and raspberry syrups. Or keep it classic with the Pocket Watch ($9), a purist’s blend of Tito’s vodka, ginger syrup, a little Campari and a dash of lime juice. 

Henry’s nicely priced sliders are also not to be missed. When we bit into the crunchy fried-chicken one drizzled with wildflower-honey butter, we couldn’t remember ever spending a better $3--especially in this neighborhood. 

Henry’s Swing Club, 18 W. Hubbard St.; 312-955-8018 or

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