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Ed Paschke Art Center
Electric lady: Paschke's "Canal Cinco."

You can’t miss a painting by the legendary Chicago artist Ed Paschke. Bursting with dazzling colors and famous faces, they command attention in a go-big-or-go-home kind of way. Paschke, who died in 2004, said of his work, “They either love it or hate it, but rarely are they indifferent to it.”

Whichever camp you fall into, you’ll be mesmerized by the dozens of paintings on display at the just-opened Ed Paschke Art Center in Jefferson Park.

Inside, on the first floor of the sleek, museum-like space, there’s an impressive collection of Paschke’s large-scale oil paintings. Our favorite is the 2001 work Canal Cinco, with its green-faced woman with stylized yellow hair.

On the second floor is a fascinating replica of the artist’s studio as it looked in 2004, complete with a door covered in Paschke’s business cards, hospital records, Polaroids and calendars.

When you leave, grab one of the free Ed Paschke coloring books stacked on the front desk. Even if you don’t know a kiddo to give it to, it’s a great reminder to think outside the lines.

Ed Paschke Art Center, 5415 W. Higgins Ave.; 312-533-4911 or

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