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Lavender Park Salon
The Keri curls we've always wanted.

Forget split ends--our hair has a split personality. One day it’s straight, and the next it’s a halo of frizz. (Thanks, 95 percent humidity.)

At a new Lincoln Park salon, Lavender Park, stylist Krista Burke turns unruly summer locks into perfectly tousled, I-just-stepped-off-a-yacht hair.

At the salon, Burke uses a dry cutting technique to avoid the dreaded “Christmas tree” effect (cuts, $65). But how to wrangle curly hair at home? Here are her four top tips:

1. Don’t wring it out after shampooing--that strangles your cuticles and creates frizz. Leave your hair dripping-wet and flip your head upside down.

2. Finger-comb your hair straight down. Don’t use a brush.

3. Work in a small amount of a product like Davines Curl Moisturizing Mousse from roots to ends, then use a generous amount of Davines Curl Building Serum on your ends and scrunch, squeezing out excess water.

4. Grab a microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt and give your hair one final scrunch. Flip your head back up and let your locks air-dry.  

Lavender Park, 2537 N. Sheffield Ave.; 773-248-8211 or

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