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How is it that your happy-go-lucky pup barely seems to know his name, and yet the moment you try to wrangle him into his carrier for a trip to the vet, he’s all, “I know exactly where we’re going, and I’m not getting in.”

He’ll be much more cooperative with the new plan: a vet who comes to him.

Chicago veterinarian Jami-Lyn Derse, D.V.M., has just launched Veterinary Housecall Care, and her practice is exactly what it sounds like.

If you live anywhere between North Shore and downtown, you can make an appointment for Dr. Derse to come to your house for services like a wellness exam or a nail trim. And she’ll even treat ear infections or give vaccinations. Worst-case, don’t-even-think-about-it scenario: She also administers humane euthanasia. 

Dr. Derse brings along her portable kit of stethoscopes and medicines to tend to pets' most common maladies; for X-rays or surgery, you'll need to head to an animal hospital.

While dogs and cats make up the bulk of her patients, Dr. Derse occasionally sees smaller animals like rabbits, ferrets and that classroom gerbil your kid insisted on bringing home for the summer.

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