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Woof, that feels good.

You and your dog walk together, you run together...hey, sometimes you even swim together. Why not do yoga together?

With a class offered through Lakeview studio Ganesha Yoga and Adventures in Fitness, you can.

Doga,” taught by dog whisperer and dachshund lover Gary Alexander, will take place on two upcoming Sundays at Jonquil Park in Lincoln Park. 

Alexander says that if you spend enough time around dogs, you’ll notice that stretching is part of their regular routine. After all, the term “downward dog” didn’t come from nowhere. 

All breeds and levels of human yoga experience are welcome at the class, which will comprise a succession of straightforward poses you’ll hold with your dog--like one where you’ll stand behind him and gently lift up under his front paws. Nothing flows rapidly in doga, and there’s a bit less, ahem, discipline than you might be used to.

Still, you’ll break a light sweat, learn a few new stretches and spend some time outdoors with your adorable furball. 

July 20 and August 10 at 10:30 a.m. (more dates coming soon); $16 per dog/human pair; Jonquil Park, 1001 W. Wrightwood Ave.; 773-904-7870 or

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