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Magic By the Slide
He has a few tricks (and pizzas) up his sleeve.

No matter which side of the mayor-fueled pizza wars you come down on, there’s no denying that this is Chicago, and deep dish is ours.

So you might as well celebrate it by inviting some friends to dinner and hiring a magician-slash-pizza-chef to do the cooking.

Comedian, magician and self-taught pizza expert Brian Kirshenbaum is the multitalented man behind Magic By the Slice.

Give him two to three weeks’ notice, and he’ll come over with his cooking equipment and artisanal ingredients--think fresh roasted tomatoes and made-from-scratch dough--and whip up deep-dish pizzas in your kitchen while regaling your guests with Chicago pizza trivia. (Did you know Rudy Malnati invented deep dish while working at Pizzeria Uno?)

Then, while the pies are baking, Kirshenbaum will launch into act two: a 35-minute magic act/parlor performance that will have your friends laughing and shaking their heads in amazement. (How did he get that playing card into his shoe without anyone noticing?)

You know what they say: A pizza magician never reveals his tricks.

$400 for up to 15 people; Magic By the Slice can accommodate up to 30 guests;

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