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Slow dance: Gevinson and Cera.
Michael Brosilow

Michael Cera from Arrested Development. Oak Park-born fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson. Kieran Culkin (yes, of those Culkins)--the guy who played the kid brother in Father of the Bride.

We?d see a play with any of those actors out of sheer curiosity, and since all three are currently at Steppenwolf in This Is Our Youth, we had to snag seats. (Tickets $20 to $86.)

This Is Our Youth is about three on-the-verge teens living in New York City in 1982. But despite the landline telephone and hulking TV on set, the play?s anxiety-ridden, drug-laced action seems remarkably relevant in 2014.

Culkin is a magnetic ball of energy as Dennis, a verbally abusive friend to lovably awkward Warren (Cera), who yearns for the pretty, slightly shrill Jessica (Gevinson). How will they spend or recoup the 15 grand Warren stole from his violent dad in a fit of rebellion?

It?s a fast-paced, intimate production with one really good kiss, a lot of smart, punchy dialogue and just enough laughs to keep things from feeling preachy. In other words, perfect summer fare.

Through July 27 at Steppenwolf Theatre, 1650 N. Halsted St.; 312-335-1650 or

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