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Our shoulders were screaming from hunching over a laptop all week, and our feet were in a fight with our new favorite heels. It was time for a massage.

On a tip from a friend, we ducked into Fit Foot, a Lincoln Park spot she said we’d have to experience to believe.

Basically, it’s the massage equivalent of a neighborhood manicure place: dozens of tables lined up in a big, dim storefront on Fullerton Avenue--and an army of masseuses silently tending to clients who remain fully clothed. In other words: It ain’t fancy, but it gets the job done.

There’s a short service menu with a couple of basic foot and chair massages, but everyone--including us--gets the $28 special, an hour-long neck, shoulder, back, arm and foot rubdown that left us so woozy, we had trouble remembering where we’d parked afterward.

Yes, it takes a minute to get used to having your back pounded right next to a stranger. But you won’t find pressure like this in most pricey spas. Our masseuse showed zero mercy to our tense muscles, digging super deep and even whipping out some surprise moves. (Ever had the tips of your toes scratched? It’s weird. But good.)

Fit Foot, 1459 W. Fullerton Ave.; 773-525-4705 or

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