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Like the Cubs and Al Capone, deep-dish pizza is classic Chicago--not necessarily good for you but still addictive.

But if you?re gluten-free, you?re kinda out of luck. After all, there?s no way someone could create a gluten-free pizza as good as Lou?s or Gino?s, right?


Kiki Michalakos, of Kiki?s Gluten-Free Foods in Arlington Heights, just introduced three totally gluten-less pizzas (cheese, Italian sausage and vegan/dairy-free), which are available for delivery or pickup (frozen or ready-to-eat) at both Gulliver?s Pizza locations and online at Artizone.

And they?re totally Chicago-worthy.

We picked up a frozen cheese pie and a sausage (both $15) from Gulliver?s, cooked them at home for about 25 minutes (at 425 degrees) and then proceeded to stuff our face.

Each pizza tasted almost exactly the same as a regular deep dish, though we noticed less grease--and they were just a tad thinner than your go-to from Pequod?s.

Either way, the pizzas were cheesy, crispy and plenty caloric.

Not smart, but totally worth it. It?s a Chicago thing.

Gulliver?s, 2727 W. Howard, Chicago, 773-338-2166; 17 W. 517 Roosevelt Rd., Oakbrook Terrace, 630-691-1888; or

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