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Okay, okay, sometimes we have a little problem remembering to water our plants. (We?re talking dead flowers on our shared balcony for three weeks last summer.)

That's exactly the reason we?re so excited to try the Container Gardening class at gardening and farming hub The Plant tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Never heard of The Plant? We hadn?t either. After a little bit of research, we discovered that it?s a combination veggie farm, fish farm, food-business incubator and research and education space. (Learn more about it here.)

During the two-hour class, you?ll build your own self-watering planter to take home. Here?s the deal: Self-watering planters are made up of two vessels: a reservoir and a planting container. The water from the reservoir gets sucked up by the roots in the container, so you never need to remember to hydrate your greens. Genius.

At the class, you?ll also get tips and techniques on how to maximize yields in small growing areas like your balcony, a patio or a rooftop; after two hours, you?ll know how to grow herbs, fruits, veggies and flowers--all from the planter you made yourself.

Container Gardening class, $40. The Plant, 1400 W. 46th St; 773-847-5523 or Can?t make the class? Here?s how to build one at home.

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