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A personal assistant you can rent by the hour
Don't forget the almond butter.

Everyone has a chore they hate. For us, it’s grocery shopping. For our best friend, it’s writing thank-you notes. Our sister? Walking the dog.

And while most of us can’t afford a full-time personal assistant to do our dirty work, there’s now a local business, Chicago’s Girl on the Go, that will do anything you need--and we mean anything.

Jancy Walker (aka the “girl on the go”) and her team can:

1. Buy your boss a holiday present that looks like $100 yet costs $10.

2. Get your daughter’s birthday party favors.

3. Find movers, and pack your house.

4. Make your doctor appointments--discreetly, of course.

Their far-ranging services run from $50 to $100 an hour, depending on the task, and you typically have to book about a week in advance.

Organize closets? Wrap presents? Plant flowers? Done, done and done.

Don’t you wish your significant other were that helpful?

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