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As avowed bibliophiles, we’ve always felt that our favorite books, like, define us. (“We are so Love in the Time of Cholera, you know?”)

Cheryl Sorg concurs. The California-based collagist has long loved the intersection of reading and art, and has made a career out of tearing up old books and turning them into gorgeous works.

Her coolest creations are 18 x 24-inch custom fingerprint portraits that are made using your thumbprint and a list of your favorite books (from $225). In other words, it’s the ultimate way to show off your literary identity.

Once you’ve placed your order on Etsy, Sorg will mail you an inkpad. Stamp your finger and return the print to her along with a list of 50 or 60 of your favorite books. She'll then cut the titles and authors out of the corresponding book jackets and use those strips to create a beautiful whirling spiral that matches your fingerprint.

Want to get one made for your Hemingway-obsessed husband for Valentine’s Day? Reach out to Sorg now and she’ll send a preview card and ink pad that you can present to him on the big day.

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