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The Distraction Addiction
Just go to bed already!

Can you go one hour without checking your email? Do you sometimes bring your cell phone into the bathroom? Have you ever snuck in just one (ok, twelve) more games of Candy Crush before heading to bed?

Lady, you need help.

The Distraction Addiction by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang is a new book that explores how technology has invaded our world--and what we can do to “stay connected without diminishing our intelligence, attention spans and ability to really live.”

We recently checked in with Pang to learn how we could better manage our digital lives (and quit obsessively tweeting about our breakfast).

PureWow: In the book, you maintain that multitasking can be bad for you. Our texting-while-walking-while-chewing-gum minds are blown.

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang: Keep the texting and chewing gum, but lose the walking. There are lots of things we can do simultaneously that don't interfere with each other, and thank goodness: If I couldn't listen to music while folding laundry, my clothes would never leave the dryer.


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